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coachella waves-tousled

Tousled Coachella Waves:

BEHIND THE SCENES @ Mane_Addicts+how we got this look!

STEP0:Prep with THIS Surfspray by bumbleandbumble + Davines Moisturizing Fluid on ends

STEP1:Using 2 different sized Curling rods(for this look I used THIS 3/4"one and THIS 1"one) start with a rectangle part parallel to your side part, curl each piece all heading one direction-away from your face.(Think Farrah Faucett) Then flip those done pieces over to the other side-to move em out of the way and also for lift+volume.

STEP2:Next section, using the same wand wrap and curl each piece the opposite way-towards the face making sure to leave out those naturally dried ends. (if your hair dries with a natural wave or texture-be sure to leave out a section here and there! plus-less work!

Step3:Continue steps 1+2 swapping out curling rods and making sure to leave out ends

Step4:Finish off with a teeny bit of THIS Moisturizing Fluid for the mid section thru ends+twist up into a top knot to release waves a bit. Let it do its thing for a few minutes and shake it out.sssshake it out!

FUN TIP: If any piece is looking overly curled just run your rod over it like a flat iron to release the curl formation + if you aren't prone to frizz...spritz THIS Secret Spray throughout.Not your roots Duh. :)

“My all time favorite sea salt spray is Bumble and bumble surf spray. After testing several lines of salt spray, I always come back to this one. I have been using this product for over 9 years and it is my MVP. It can completely change the texture of your hair in just a few spritzes. It’s an absolute must for my short do’s to add texture and lift at the roots. For my man clients it is magic. If they are thinning or have unruly waves, we prep with surf spray, blow it through, and texture it out with sumotech. GAME CHANGER. Totally different head of hair.

My favorite at home trick is spritzing this surf spray from roots to ends on towel dried and slightly damp hair- no brushing allowed. Loosely twirl into a top knot, secure with a bobbi, and leave out ends. Get dressed, do makeup, drive to work, shake out, and vavavoom- volume and texture like you just paddled in from an early morning surf sesh.”

-Brittany Gharring for MANE ADDICTS

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