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Milk Maid Dutch Braids: in 15 seconds

MILK MAID DUTCH BRAIDs:learn in 15 seconds

STEP0: ALWAYS prep your soft luscious locks with some kind of styling goop to give it texture and so them pretty braids dont slip.Try this dry shampoo or this dry shampoo for extra volume. Texture sprays or for a grittier feel try this oceanspray. Apply allover-flip it upside down and give it a good vigorous scrub. OK. Now we can start.

STEP1:Starting with a middle part-split your hair into two pigtail sections. Take one section starting at the nape of the neck (behind your ear) and DutchBraid that baby ending at the top of your head. Repeat to other side.

STEP2:NOW for my next trick:spriiiiiinkle that magic powder along the braids..tap the white till it disapears and start piecing out the braid at the nape once again. This powder has hold and volumizing abilities so sprinkle a little on your roots+bangs for added texture and lift. If you want to go all Texas on me..sprinkle it in and tease those roots and you'll have some seriously big runway-Guess-ad hair. (obvs not with this look.. we gotta save something for the horse races)

STEP3:Ready to get all technical? In an outward motion..pull at each fold by pinching your thumb and pointer fingers -bringing your thumbs out while your pointer fingers head toward each other.. kapeesh? Keep sliding until you see it fan out and get wider.

STEP4: Criss-cross applesauce your braids then secure with these silver bobbis if youre blonde, these massive bobbis if you're blessed with thick slippery hair, or these half sized bobbis if you are a kiddiebop. Secure braids underneath to hide the evidence+hide ends by twisting under the opposing braid. Make X's with your bobbis (wavy side down) to lock em in.

Voila! Top it off this light spraywax or this spraywax with more hold to control frizz or any extra unwanted flyways..softness is good.frizz....bad.

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