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fishtail party

Fishtail Frenchbraid:

Step0: Prep with your favorite Spray-Dry Wax. Don't have one? That's ok, get it HERE or HERE. This will help with flyaways. A classic mishap with fishtail braids-so many little haris getting traded back and forth-this will help calm them down and give them a place to stay.

Step1: Start with a dramatic side part and take a rectangle section parallel to your part. Start your engines..ready.set.fishtail!

Step2: Once you get to about the ear, start grabbing bigger sctions from the other side to incorperate- starting with your opposing fringe/hairline. Take a couple big sections so the back of your braid doesn't get saggy.

Step3: Secure with a Rubberband+Dust your braid with This Special Magic Texture powder to keep it from slipping out+ to hold in the ends while widening.

Step4: Pull at each fold starting at the top working your way down-pulling in an outward motion.

Ta Dah! Spritz with a finishing spray and pull out a few front fringey pieces so you dont look like a polygamist. ;)


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