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Doesn't Everyone want Fabulous lashes without having to use falsies or scary insta-lash grow? The TightLine technique gives the illusion of a fuller and thicker lashine without taking up lidspace. Instant EYE LIFT I call it!

All you need to create this fresh look are these two products + H2O: Laura Mercier's Tight-Line-Cake-Liner + Sigma's Flat-edged liner brush. This CakeLiner formula makes for a super long lasting wear-maybe even water resistant. If you're lucky, it can last you all week.

Using a Black liner is key to really make your lashline POP. If you are a brown liner kinda gal-opt for BLEU MARINE-this will be a little softer looking and will help brighten the whites of your eyes + help with redness.

Ready to see how its done???

Step0: Wet brush with a few drops of water, then swirl around in liner to create a paste that isnt too dry or too runny. If your Brush is dripping, pat off the extra and swirl it a couple more times. Now lets start!

Step1: Tilt your head back and look down into the mirror. Pull back your eyelid to expose your lashline. Apply the liner along the BASE of your lashes (NOT YOUR WATERLINE)-That's another fun look we'll save for later.

Step2: Continue to line the entire Lashline by stamping this cake liner into place. A Flat-liner Brush makes this technique super simple and fast. Dont try and use an old one thats frayed with caarrrazy bristles.

Step3: You're Done! Add a coat or 5 coats of mascara and be on your merry way! If you want more of an impact-apply on top but still focusing at the root of the lashes. We call this Sandwiching your lashes. Can't stop? Wipe off your brush pretty good and with what's left do the same trick to your bottom lashes starting at the outer edge.

xoxo Brit


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