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Vintage Hollywood Waves-Nicki Minaj MTV Commercial


MTV Commercial

STEP0:PREP that clean head of hair with this fabulous Heat activiated curl spray. Be sure to mist the roots on down to the ends.

STEP1:Using a 1" Curling rod -Curl 1" sections (for best results) the same direction. In this case-towards the face. Think exact opposite of Farrah Faucett. RIP Farrah...

STEP2:Pin in place using these awesome duckbill clips. Make sure you have a couple packs..they go quick. Also be sure to clip along with the curve of the curl. Nobody wants a kinky curl. Unless you're Ke$ha.

STEP3:Remove clips after the hair has set and you've allowed it to cool. Now for the fun part-walk out and tell your cute client that she's all set and ready for wardrobe. She might cry. OK fine, mist over lightly with a spraywax of choice+grab your favorite smoothing brush, I like the Wet Brush and this Detangling Brush almost as much. Both are fab and wont add unwanted frizz or fuzziness. Brush and Brush and BRUSH. And brush one more time.

STEP4:Guide the waves into the formation you like best, using the same clips this time using a small piece of tissue to protect from in place in each "C" shape to lock in the glam. Spray over it with everything you've got ..remove clips and Voila! You are ready for your Pin-up girl calendar.

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