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The Twist

1. Start with Natural beachy waves+place adjustable headband an inch in from your hairline.

2. Take the front section and drape back away from your face.

3. Slightly twist and tuck around the headband strap. Then repeat on Left side.

4. With the remaining hair, twist twist, roll up and tuck into the headband pocket.

5. Secure with these Bobbis at the nape of the neck if needed.

6. Soften the look by pulling out some fringe around the front. ta dah! you did it!

Here's a little video in simplify things.


If your hair is freshly airdried and squeaky better spray it down with a DRY SHAMPOO. This will give it an amazing texture that will do just about anything you want. Twist your hair up when its damp with this curling spray.. and you will create the softest romantic curls by lunchtime.


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